Frequently Asked Questions


The device I want to connect to the router cannot be set to dynamic IP, it can only be configured with a static IP. Can I still connect and use my device with your service?

  • Yes, you can. Please use the method described in the manual or contact us for assistance for help in setting up your device.

Can I configure my router offline and locally?

  • The Mobilrouter family is optimized for remote management, so that you are not forced to physically visit the device in case of faulty settings. Because of this, there is no way to change their settings in offline mode. A SIM card with mobile internet access or connecting it to a wired internet network through its ethernet WAN port.

I would like to own and directly oversee the servers controlling the routers I have bought, for added security and to assure the privacy of the data transferred through them. Is this possible?

  • Yes, this is possible. We can provide you with a provider-independent service that will suit all your privacy and security needs. For further details about the necessary licenses and the details of the system, please contact us.

Does the free remote administration service include the data traffic cost?

  • The free web administration service provided for all our products does not include the data traffic cost that you pay towards your mobile ISP, but you are free to use the services of any carrier of your choosing, be it a prepaid, post-paid, or a fleet SIM card.

What is the data traffic generated of the remote management, and what are the costs?

  • MOBILROUTER's data communication is done in a way so it will not generate "unneccesary" data traffic just to keep connected to the central administration servers. Your actual cost depends heavily on the type and amount of data that you use. Please contact your ISP for further details about pricing options for mobile internet that are available for you.


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