What does mobilrouter.com offer?

  • GPRS/3G/HSPA based industrial VPN routers with a free integrated web based remote management
    service that lets you access IP based devices through a mobile internet connection from even on Mobile operator networks, which provide on private addresses.

What devices can be used with this system?

  • Any IPV4/IPV6 IP based device, ie:
    • Wired or Wi-Fi IP cameras
    • Linux/Win/Mac PCs, servers
    • DVR recorders, alarm centers
    • IP based input/output or sensor modules

What SIM cards can be used with the devices?

  • Any mobile ISP's
  • Any kind of pre-paid or post-paid mobile internet SIM card

What services are integrated into the routers?
Depending on the type, the following:

  • Heat sensor(2-4 channels)
  • e-mail and two-way sms communication
  • Hardware based watchdog function for the integrated modem and connected devices as well.
  • Contact management from the web interface, mobile device or automatically
  • Managed PoE setting of connected devices (802.af or passive POE)
  • UPS module available
  • Accelerometer and GPS receiver
  • Contact ID operation

Feel free to check our Demo System page for a quick look at the user interface!

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